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20th Dec 2016

Capital Collective- If You Could Swap Your Life With Someone Else, Who Would It Be And Why?


This week we wanted to know, if you could swap you life with anyone else, who would it be and why? I’d definitely swap with Beyonce, I don’t think I need to explain why though! Photographer Derek Kennedy went out and about the city to see who our fellow Dubliners would swap with.

Tony Delaroni, 32, Navan

Lionel Messi because he is revered and adored for his unique skills with a football.


Patrick Healy, 60, Liberties

Moses, to break all the commandments in one go!


Sarah Giglio, 20, New York

Niall Horan because he seems like he has his whole life planned out and I still have to plan the start of mine, and I wish I could sing and play guitar. That would be so cool.


Eoin Lynch, 31, Tallaght

I’d want to be Albert Hooi because he’s the best roller blader who ever lived.


Ciara Spencer, 17, Ballyboughal

Kourtney Kardashian because her wardrobe is amazing and her skin is so tanned; she’s gorgeous.