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20th Dec 2016

Capital Collective – What’s The Dodgiest Situation You’ve Ever Found Yourself In?


This week we decided to ask the city “what was the dodgiest situation you’ve ever found yourself in”. While one or two of the answers are the usual dodgy situations, one answer is really scary and one is unbelievably sad. 

Niall O’Dywer, 49, Aytfield

I was once confronted by a drug user with a hammer trying to get on a bus


Aidan Mallon, 33, Longford

I was living in Limerick and my friend from there told me he’d show me around. He brought to a place called the island. There was one road in and one road out and it was a dodgy area. He was driving a gold BMW, as a result of looking very suspicious in a suspicious neighborhood, we got pulled over by the gardai and searched, they searched all over the car, ourselves and even our shoes.


Jane Willow, 24, Holland

At Knockanstokan for five days without a shower.


William Hewitt, 34, Crumlin

I’m 15 years on the housing list, got taken off the housing list and put into transitional housing. I’ve very bad health and I’m now left walking the streets from 8am to 6pm and only being offered a bed from 6pm to 8am. I am now in the dodgiest situation.


Anna Flood, 21, Limerick

Left a club with friends in Paris very drunk and decided to walk home for a change. Walked the wrong direction and ended up in a cul de sac that was worse than skid row.


If you have experienced any dodgy situations worth sharing let us know in the comments section below…