Colin Farrell Read An Excerpt From George Hook's Erotic Novel This Morning And It's Brilliant

"Slowly and deliberately she unbuttoned the first four buttons, and I saw the wondrous orbs..."

Colin Farrell appeared on The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show this morning and read a passage from George Hook's unpublished erotic novel.

While interviewing the Dublin movie star, Dempsey explained that when Hook was asked who he'd like to play him in a movie adaptation of his book (apparently he's a character in his own erotic novel), he'd suggested Farrell. Farrell responded to the comment, "Well the physical resemblance is uncanny, so I can see where he'd be coming from."

Have a look above to see Farrell as he continues being on a roll as an all round top bloke, by doing a pretty decent George Hook impression while talking absolute filth.

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Seán Kenehan

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