Could This Ingenious Edible Packaging Be The Solution To Our Landfill Problem?

Dear Ozone Layer, meet WikiCells, your new best friend...


What is it?

WikiCells is a new approach to packaging with the intention of reducing waste: constructing skins out of food particles that are at least biodegradable, and often edible.

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Why haven’t I heard of it until now?

WikiCell edible packaging was created by David Edwards, who was apparently inspired by the way a biological cell carries water, and launched in 2013 with its first commercial products: GoYum Ice Cream Grapes and Frozen Yogurt Grapes.

Since then, WikiPearls (small ‘pearls’ of food like cheese, ice-cream, fruit, even drinks with WikiCell packaging) are the main products that make use of WikiCell packaging. With it being nominated for tons of awards and accolades for innovation and invention, it won't be long before everyone hears of it.

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Is it good for me?

WikiCells and WikiPearls are made of food particles from things like fruit peel or chocolate, and binds them with polymers from algae extract. Bagasse, a residue from sugar cane, helps form the hard shell. There’s little that’s bad, either for you or the environment.

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How much will it cost?

You can get a single-serving WikiPearl for about $3 in the US at the moment, which is surprisingly cheap for a great invention.

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What does it taste like?

The WikiCell packaging usually tastes like what it contains: whether it’s yoghurt, fruit or a cocktail. Or it can be made to taste of any flavour you choose, so there’s a lot of possibilities for exploring flavour and food combinations.

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Where can I get it?

WikiPearls are almost exclusively sold in WholeFoods in the US, or at a special Wikibar in Paris: though it’s only a matter of time before such a good idea becomes widely spread across the globe. Yes to more ingenious ideas like this!

Written By

Anna Muray