The dog who carries his McDonald's home

Lovin Dublin photographer Caolan captures really special moments in our city. Here is....

The dog who carries his McDonald's all the way home.

As I turned the corner onto Henry Street, a one eyed dog cheerily waddled out from the crowd, carrying a brown paper bag from Mc Donald's, wrapped up as fresh as it was handed across the counter.

"He's been doing that for about 4 or 5 years, now" says owner, Ken.

"I gave him a bit of my burger one day, and he must've made the connection with the bag it came in"

"So, has he already eaten the burger, is the bag empty?"

"No, he won't eat it until he gets home. He'll eat half, then he'll leave the rest for the other dog"

"And, what happened his eye?"

"He got hit with a golf ball." 


Written By

Caolan Barron