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20th Dec 2016

Drinks? Canapés? Marian Keyes AND A Good Cause? Sign Us Up!



Ireland’s literary sweetheart, Ms. Marian Keyes, has been a household name pretty much ever since she put pet to paper – all because of her real stories, real experiences and really quick wit.

So what does the woman who’s got it all and then some do with her spare time? Why, team up with non-governmental organisation Amnesty International Ireland for an exclusive evening to help them launch their fabulous fundraising event AmnesTEA – of course!

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Has this deadly event tickled your fancy in any way?

Course it has. Now, here are the full details.

The brilliant and hilarious international publishing phenomenon will talk about her life and work with Roisin Ingle of the Irish Times. Marian’s novels have been published in 33 languages and include Watermelon, Rachel’s Holiday, Last Chance Saloon and Sushi for Beginners. These book deal compassionately with issues of modern life such as addiction, depression, domestic violence and serious illness.


Thursday, October 6. Drinks and canapés kick off from 6.30pm


The Westbury Hotel, Balfe Street, Dublin 2

How much?

Tickets are €45, with every cent of proceeds going towards Amnesty International Ireland. You can buy them here or else call 01 863 8300.

Now, what are you waiting for?

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