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Dublin Needs These Delicious Kolache Pastries Immediately!

By fiodhna_hm

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


What is it?

Not exactly new, the kolach is one of those recipes that has been around for a few hundred years but is seeing a rebirth and revitalisation. A little like a danish, but far, far, better, it features fruit embedded in super-soft dough. It can also have alternative fillings, like cheese or meats

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Why haven’t I heard of it until now?

The kolach is Slavik/Czech in origin, its name coming from the word for wheel, and is a traditional dessert for weddings there. For some considerable time it has stayed as a little-known traditional dish, until the strong Czech community in the US, especially Texas, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Nebraska, revived it.

It’s gaining its own identity now, and following the cronut in spreading its flakey pastry goodness across the globe: and now that Dublin is well familiar with those (thanks Krüst), it’s sure to follow soon (looking at you Pifko!)


Is it good for me?

It’s dough filled with sugary fruit, so no, not really. But it’s super tasty and goes very well with good coffee for that to matter.

How much will it cost?

A few euro, probably similar to a really good pastry, cronut or brownie in a decent café.

What does it taste like?

Kolache are semi-sweet: the dough is not too sweet in itself, but often has sweet fillings, such as apricots and berries (and often poppy seeds).

It also has some savoury varieties, especially in the States, such as cheese, sausages, even beef. These are like little self-contained meals, neat and easy to eat. Think jambons or sausage rolls, but fancy.


Now, does anyone want to start making kolache for us Dubliners?


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