Eason Pissed Off The Internet By Placing ‘Grey’ and Graham Dwyer Book Next To Each Other

The chain have since corrected their mistake

Several Eason stores have had to be instructed not to place the new 'Fifty Shades of Grey' novel and Paul Williams’ book on Graham Dwyer beside one another.

A social media storm ensued after a number of pictures revealed that copies of 'Grey' and 'Almost A Perfect Murder' were being placed next to each other in Easons stores, in what appeared to be an intentional fashion.

The online community did not take kindly to this apparent display of bad taste on the part of certain Eason stores.

In response to the uproar, the book chain told The Journal that the books will no longer be allowed to be placed side-by-side.

“These books should not have been displayed together. These displays were corrected once the stores in question were identified.”

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