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20th Dec 2016

Facebook Lets Restaurants Add Their Menus To Their Pages


For many restaurants maintaining a website has always been a massive pain in the ass and an expensive exercise. Thats why in the last couple of years we have seen restaurants, cafes and bars turn increasingly to Facebook and Twitter as their primary point of interaction with customers. Although the social networks offer great ways of sharing photos and engaging with potential clients they have been fairly limited in specific functionality for restaurants. Until today.

Facebook have just announced that they are rolling out a new feature which will allow restaurants to show off their menus directly within their company page.
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How To Get Started

In the US or Canada, restaurant Pages can now upload menus through SinglePlatform from Constant Contact. If you are outside of the US or Canada, or don’t currently work with SinglePlatform, you can upload a PDF of your menu. On your Page, go to Settings ? Page Info ? Menus.

Should You Do It?

Absolutely. There really isn’t anything more annoying than restaurant websites (90% of them are rubbish) and that is why users are turning to Facebook. In Ireland alone there are well over 2 million people on Facebook. Most of them will never go near a restaurant website but they will find your info on Facebook or see their friends like or share your content. Having menus there will make them one step closer to coming in to your place. This is only step one from Facebook and you can imagine a “booking” button and other useful features coming soon. Do it.