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20th Dec 2016

Film Picks: What’s On Telly Today, December 25


There are literally bajillions of movies to choose from over the festive period – but nothing beats the ones on terrestrial telly, that you just know half the rest of the country is tuning into as well.

Here’s our pick for the day ahead…

The Wizard of Oz

12.55pm, TV3

There should be just enough time after presents and before food to fit this one in.

6  Wizard


1.35pm, RTE One

Because it’s about time to cry again at that opening sequence – and marvel at the rest of this modern masterpiece.

7  Up

The Muppet’s Christmas Carol

13.35, Channel 4

It’s all right; this is culture! 

8 Muppets

Toy Story

7.30pm, BBC 3

Christmas is a time to revisit your childhood – including this favourite, which it’s quite hard to believe is 20 years old now.

9 Toy Story

Quantum of Solace

8.45pm, ITV2

There’s probably a channel somewhere with all-day reruns of the old Bonds – but rather than sitting through those aul wans, you use the time to recap on the reboots up to Spectre.

It’s the weakest Bond film of the recent lot, but still a solid watch as you digest that turkey.

10 Qos