Foxcatcher - Friday Movie Review


Every year, at this time of year, whispers circulate about possible Oscar-worthy films. This year is no different. Ever since its debut at the high-brow Cannes Film Festival, critics have been lining up Bennett Miller's Foxcatcher as a contender for several prizes, with brilliant performances all around.


Foxcatcher stars Hollywood heartthrob Channing Tatum as Mark Schultz, a promising wrestler overshadowed by his big brother, Dave (Mark Ruffalo). So when one of the richest men in America, John duPont (a prosthetic-nosed Steve Carrell), gives him a call and tells him of the new team he is setting up, he is won over by duPont's ambitious vision for the Foxcatcher team. However, all is not rosy in the garden and Mark soon finds out that there's more to duPont than meets the eye.


This movie ticks all the boxes, Oscar-wise. The performances are superb. Prosthetic-nosed Steve Carrell is mesmerising, eerie and mysterious. Tatum is perfect at displaying Schultz's rawness and vulnerability, which allowed him to be taken in by duPont, a father figure he never had. Critics love it. It's a very lofty film. Does it cater for the average cinema-goer? That depends on your tastes.

As awards-style dramas go, Foxcatcher is up there. Is it a gripping, intense roller coaster of a movie? Absolutely not. If that's what you want, go and see Taken 3. This is an emotional, understated and dark tale with depth and implication. And it's one worth telling.

Written By

Andrew Tyrrell