From Northern Lights To Rainbows: Greenland Becomes The Latest Country To Approve Same-Sex Marriage

Pretty good for a country that didn't hold a gay pride event until 2010


Welcome to the club, Greenland!

The country's parliament has voted unanimously in favour of same-sex marriage – yes, unanimously – in a move that will allow same-sex couples to marry and adopt from October onwards.

According to voting records on the website of the Inatsisartut, Greenland's autonomous parliament, the vote has enabled the country to adopt the same-sex marriage laws already in place in Denmark – and repeal an older civil partnership bill that was previously in place.

We're not taking the credit here or anything, but how great is it to see this movement of equality slowly but surely make its way around the world? And given the country only held its first pride event in 2010, that's a remarkable amount of progress in a very small amount of time,

Move over Northern Lights... it's time for the rainbows to light up the Greenland sky.