Here Is How Supermac's Just Created One Of The Irish Viral Campaigns Of The Year


Crazy news today as startled Irish tourists and bemused yanks wandering around Times Square in NY started spotting a huge billboard for Supermac's the Irish fast food chain. The question most people are asking today is why would a fast food company that are 3000 miles away (so they say in the advert themselves) advertise alongside the world's biggest brands in a place where nobody can even buy their product? The answer is pretty simple...

Getting a spot in Time's Square isn't as expensive for a day as you'd think. Once the billboard is live for the day it's a simple three step process...

Step 1

Tweet it out from their own account to tell the world without much explanation.


Step 2

Get coverage in every Irish media outlet (including here), all to willing to snap up a story about a relatively small Irish company punching above it's weight on the global stage.


Step 3

Sit back and watch the story spill into social media with proud Irish people sharing this huge success story.


Step 4

Watch the customers flow in the doors in Ireland as brand awareness goes to a new level and everybody sees Supermac's brand for 24 hours straight across multiple forms of media.

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The media landscape is changing and instead of wasting a load of money on a one page advert in an Irish newspaper, Supermac's have decided to come up with a new way of ensuring loads more coverage for a fraction of the price. Brilliant piece of marketing.

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Niall Harbison

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