Precious moments of our special boy Cian who is battling a very rare life threatening illness. He had a bone marrow transplant in March 2013. Now he is faced with a new challenge. He has developed microscopic Pulmonary Avms. His only hope of survival is a lung transplant. Please like and share.

Posted by Hope for Cian on Sunday, 7 June 2015

Here's How You Can Help Save The Life Of Brave 4-Year-Old Cian

If everyone who attended Croke Park today donated just €10, Cian would get the treatment he needs

4-year-old Cian McDonnell Lynch suffers from an extremely rare condition and has been given just months to live, unless funds can be raised to pay for his treatment.

Cian suffers from a condition called Dyskeratosis Congenita. It caused the boy from Meath to go completely blind aged one, it was shortly afterwards that doctors noticed that his bone marrow was failing, which led to Cian undergoing a successful marrow transplant.

However, Cian spent five weeks back in hospita in January this year until the doctors diagnosed him with microscopic pulmonary AVMs, which are tiny pinholes in his lungs that will lead to lung failure.


Pic: Hope For Cian

Doctors gave the devastating news that Cian may only have months to live. But Cian's family and friends are not giving up and the Hope For Cian campaign is now organising and encouraging fundraising events for the child.

Cian is currently in Boston and starts his assessment in Boston Children's Hospital on Monday. His family have been informed that the lung transplant operation alone will cost $1 million.

Cian's mother, Lisa, said of her brave son:

It's so unfair that Cian has gone through, and is still going through, so much and he's only four years old. He inspires us everyday. He has such a love for life and for everybody around him. We are blessed to have this special little boy in our lives.


Pic: Hope For Cian

So far, they've managed to raise €147,000 of a €1 million target. If the same number of people who attended Croke Park today were to donate just €10 each, Cian will have reached the target for the treatment he is depending on.


Pic: Hope For Cian

If you can spare anything at all to help save this 4-year-old's life, you can donate by texting CIAN to 57802 or by visiting his GoFundMe page here.

To find out more about the the Hope For Cian campaign, click here.

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