Irish Women Voted Among Most Beautiful In The World - Irish Men Voted Third Ugliest


Good news for the women of Ireland as they have just been officially voted into the top 10 listing of the world's most beautiful women. The news comes from dating site beautiful people, but there is bad news as men in Ireland didn't fare so well. The site only allows "beautiful people" to register and then gain access to other "beautiful people" with members voting on the attractiveness of new applicants.

Irish women were the biggest improvers on the list over the last 3 years shooting from 23rd on the list into the top 10, but the men are faring way worst with only lads from England and Poland behind them. A paltry 12% of Irish men who applied got accepted to the site, which is pretty miserable when compared to Sweden who have a 64% approval rate. Irish women have a 23% approval rate, so us Irish lads are going to have to up our game or face having all our cailín's stolen from us by those pesky Swedes!


Irish lads are seen more as Shrek and less as Cillian Murphy.

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Niall Harbison

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