It's Finally Official – A New Survey Reveals Ireland Has One Of The Best International Reputations

Fair play, us


A recent survey has shown that Ireland is one of the world's most reputable countries.

According to the Country Reptrak survey, Ireland narrowly missed the top 10 most reputable countries, coming in at 11 out of 55 countries polled.

This is great news, with Ireland moving forward two places since last year's survey. The findings are taken from an online poll of 48,000 consumers from across the G8. Apparently, Iraq has the worst reputation in the international community.

Here are the 10 most reputable countries:

10. Belgium

9. The Netherlands

8. Denmark

7. New Zealand

6. Finland

5. Australia

4. Switzerland

3. Sweden

2. Norway

1. Canada

To break next year's top 10, we suggest everybody start trying to be a bit sounder to tourists.

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