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It’s Going To Be A Rainy Bank Holiday Weekend In Dublin – But The News Isn’t All Bad

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We don’t normally put too much stock in weather forecasts that go beyond the next 48 hours, but when we’re in the lead-up to the June bank holiday weekend it’s a bit hard to resist taking a peek.

Unfortunately, as things stand at the minute the story isn’t so good – while most of Saturday looks to be fairly dry over here on the east coast, the late afternoon and early evening looks like it’s going to bring some pretty nasty rain. And from there on, it looks pretty much like what your da would describe as “down for the weekend”.

But at least it’ll be warm, right?

Ummm, wrong actually. Temperatures will be between 9 and 12 degrees celcius, which is really only T-shirt weather if you’re someone who enjoys cold symptoms… and it’s going to be really windy too. Just for good measure.

Our bank holiday options are now three-fold:

  1. Assume it’s wrong for now, and check back in a couple of days. Oh, sweet denial.
  2. Cling to the vision of a relatively sunny Saturday, and enjoy the hell out of the beach for those sweet few hours.
  3. Cry.


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