Kerry Man Told A Court How He Was Cruelly Bribed By His Own Mother – With Bacon And Cabbage

She made him an offer he couldn't refuse!


This has to be the most Irish bribery in the history of the state..

A 50-year-old man has claimed in court that he was “bribed” with bacon and cabbage to cut the back lawn of his mother’s house.

Donal Cosgrave of Rathmore was defending himself in court because his presence on the property went against a barring order against the man on his mother's house. The order was made in Killarney last April to prevent him from entering the home, according to The Irish Times.

Mr Cosgrave maintains that he ate his mother's delicious ham and cabbage on the porch and never entered the house itself. The man has defended himself by genuinely claiming his mother's cooking is irresistible. He also offered up a pair of grass-stained runners as further proof of his innocence, as well as assuring the court that he isn't sneaky.

You have to have a full stomach for hard work... I did not enter the house, I ate the bacon and cabbage on the back porch [...] And mom gave me some mustard, and a little bit of dessert.

Donal Cosgrave

The judge has adjourned the matter to July 21. All we want to know is this: Was it worth it? We bet it was.

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