KFC Have Just Released The Most Disgusting Menu Item Ever - The Double Down Dog


Just when you think the list of crazy menu items that fast food companies offer can't get any worse along come KFC with this little number. Launched in the Philippines it is a hot dog served in a "bun" made out of fried chicken and then topped with cheese. Can't imagine you'd be wanting to eat one of these every day of the week if you wanted a long and healthy life. They've got wall to wall coverage for it today all over the globe though and even though you know it is bad for you there is no doubt you'd have to try one. Just to see right?

How bad can it taste? Worth a shot...

But then you see the real life version of it :(

It is of course all just some marketing with every site around the world covering the new menu item and with only a couple of hundred actually on sale...

And this guy sums it up best

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