Let It Brie, Let It Brie – Check Out The Best Tweets From The #BeatlesRecipes Hashtag

Also featuring 'Happiness Is A Warm Bun', 'Yellow Aubergine' and 'The Salad Of John And Yoko'


Sometimes, the collective hivemind of Twitter can be put to use on wonderful things – from tracking down missing pets to getting out the vote ahead of a crucial referendum.

And sometimes, it can be mainly focused on making food-related puns out of Beatles song titles. Which is also fine.

The #BeatlesRecipes hashtag has been doing the rounds today on social media – and here are some of the best gems the users have come up with. Got any more to add?

Although we kinda prefer this one...

This actually sounds pretty delicious...

... while this really, really doesn't

Meanwhile, as always, one brand tried to jump on the trend... and the results were your-da-dancing-at-your-21st levels of embarrassing.