McDonald's Has Gone Full-On Hipster With This New 'Superfood' Menu Addition

In other news, hell has frozen over...


Nobody saw this one coming.

We've all watched McDonald's try to appear more healthy over the last decade, distancing itself from obesity and supersized fries in favour of salad bars and portion control – and for the most part, they've managed to move in the right direction.

Their latest menu addition, however, is as sure a sign as any that the McDonald's we all grew up with is dead and gone: the restaurant chain has announced that it's adding kale to one of its breakfast bowls.


The introduction – part of a Turkey Sausage and Egg White bowl – has only extended across southern California so far, and there are no immediate plans to bring the change to Ireland just yet. It does, however, tie in with new CEO Steve Easterbrook's plans to turn the chain into a "modern, progressive burger company", and there are reports that three kale-based salads are already planned for Canadian restaurants.

What next? Pesto? Blue cheese? Wasabi? Ginger?

The company may yet regret this ad...

Written By

Aidan Coughlan