21 Monumental Events That Have Taken Place Since Mayo Last Won The All-Ireland

One small step for Mayo... One giant leap for Mayokind...

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It's been well-documented that Mayo haven't won the All-Ireland Football Championship since 1951. That's a total of 66 years. 

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We'll all agree that that's a fairly long time for the red and green to be suffering. To mark the occasion of the 2017 All-Ireland Football Final between Mayo and their perennial conquerers Dublin, we decided to take a look at how Ireland and the world has changed in the years since 1951. 

One thing's for sure, it's a very different place since Mayo defeated Meath at Croke Park on September 23 of that year. They've since gone on to lose a whopping eight finals. 

Will this be the year they end their misery?

1. RTÉ was founded 

All the way back in 1960

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2. 'The Late Late Show' started and is now the longest-running chat show in the world

If only there was an All-Ireland for everyone in the audience...

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3. Queen Elizabeth was coronated and is now the longest-serving British monarch ever

She even came to visit a few years back. 

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4. Man walked on the moon

And we reckon Mayo would walk to it and back for a win...

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5. The Beatles formed, conquered the world, went psychedelic and broke up

And half of them are deceased.

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6. Kurt Cobain's birth and untimely death

Born 16 years after Mayo's last win... died 23 years ago. 

7. Ireland joined the EU

In 1973

8. Britain joined the EU and left 43 years later

Hello, goodbye...

9. Pope John Paul II came to visit

What a day...

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10. Ireland got its first female president... and its second

G'wan the Marys.  

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11. We all came down with a dose of 'Simpsons Mania'

Don't have a cow, man. 

12. Packie Bonner saved Daniel Timofte's penalty at Italia '90

Heady days. 

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13. Dempsey's Den brought Zig and Zag into our living rooms

P.S. Dempsey was born a decade after Mayo's last win.

14. And who could forget 'What's Snots?' with Kevin from Galway


15. Louis Walsh brought Boyzone and Westlife into our lives

Which did you prefer?

16. While Ireland brought Riverdance into everyone else's 

What a night...

17. 'Sam Maguire's coming home to Mayo' was released in 1996 

It did not. 

18. Nadine Coyle forgot her date of birth


19. Roy Keane and Mick McCarthy caused civil war in Saipan

Which side were you on?

20. Seventeen different Taoisigh have been elected 

P.S the current one was born 28 years after Mayo's last success.

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21. Finally, Dublin have won the All-Ireland 11 times

Since 1951. Who will come out on top this Sunday?

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