Never Worry About Car Theft Again With The New 'Kabzy' App

The Irish-made app allows you to remotely track and switch off your car


A start-up called Kabzy has just launched a product that allows you to track and remotely disable your car from an app on your phone.

Founded two years ago by Dublin-born entrepreneur Michael Flanagan, creator of the Taxi Check-in app, the company aims to improve driver and vehicle security with the new app.

Every year in Europe, there are approximately 1.2 million car thefts and the criminal is in possession of the owner's keys in two thirds of these cases. Kabzy offers a solution to this problem.

To avail of the app, a small device is fitted to your car, which roughly the same size as a deck of cards, with an installation time of 40 minutes. The device has a 3G sim card, allowing it to be controlled remotely. The device is connected to the ignition of the vehicle, so the user can control the power going to it from their smartphone.

The app connects the user's phone with in-vehicle GPS tracking, an alerting device, an even CCTV monitoring for total security. Even if the user's car keys are stolen, Kabzy will prevent the engine from starting.


Kabzy aims to make taxis and private drivers feel more secure with this new app, owner Michael Flanagan said:

The initial idea for Kabzy came from being involved in the taxi industry with Taxi Check-in. Taxi driver assaults were increasing and drivers were being forced from their cars and their vehicles stolen. When a taxi driver has his car stolen, he has lost his ability to earn a living and this was a problem we set out to solve.

When we started to demonstrate our prototype to friends and family, we kept hearing the same reaction, which was, “I would use that in my car”. The more I researched the private car market, the more apparent it became that there is massive need for a solution like this.

The app also provides car owners with detailed data on their driving style. For example, it can tell you how hard the car corners, brakes, and accelerates.

It can also tell users their idling and speeding time, all of which data can be used by drivers to reduce their fuel consumption and lower their driving costs.

If you're interested in fitting your car with Kabzy and removing any worry about car theft, you can find the company at Bluebell Business Park, Inchicore, or they can come to your home to install it. Click here to visit their website.

See how the app works in the video below.

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