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?Opsh Style On The Streets: Dublin Does… Shorts

By emmakenneally

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


Each week, we team up with the stylish folks behind Opsh to spot the top fashion trends in Dublin...

The mixed climate this week - scorching sunshine followed by torrential rain - left Dubliners a little confused as to what they should be wearing. Raincoats or sunglasses? Maybe both together at the same time? Nevertheless, Opsh hit the streets of Dublin regardless of the weather - and we found that although tourists come prepared for our Fair City in full rain gear, Dubliners themselves are not letting go of summer and many braved the rain in shorts of every colour and description.

While shorts are a holiday staple for almost everyone, many of us struggle to find a pair that work equally well in the city heat. If you’re short on inspiration then check out these stylish Dubliners and follow Opsh’s guide to finding the right shorts for your body type, whether you’re male or female.

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For The Lads


If you’re short...

Men with short legs should avoid capri pants, which will cut off your legs at an unflattering angle, making them appear shorter than they are. While I’m not suggesting you rock a pair of hot pants, opting for shorts that stop above the knee will add a few inches of height to your frame.

If you have narrow hips...

Men with wide shoulders and narrow hips should look to balance out their frame with shorts that have detailing around the waist, like pockets or belt details. Straight or relaxed-fit shorts will also work better to balance out your frame than a skinny or tapered fit.

If you carry your weight around your middle...

Beer-bellied men should look for shorts with a mid-rise waistband that will hold in your stomach, rather than a low-rise pair that can risk belly overhang. Choose straight-cut shorts in a structured material, like a chino or cargo pant, and team your shorts with a darker colour on top to detract attention away from your problem area.

If you have thick thighs...

Men with rugby thighs should avoid shorts with side pockets, as these will add unnecessary bulk to your thighs. Avoid any slim-fitting or tapered shorts, instead opting for a relaxed fit that will better flatter your frame. Or you could always just borrow Jamie’s shorts

For The Ladies


Most female body types...

Mid-length or ‘city’ shorts are the most universally flattering fit for women, and usually have an inseam of 7 or 8 inches. Shorts that run to the knee will visually cut your leg in half, but a mid-length fit will disguise your thighs while elongating your legs with their shorter length.

If you’re straight-up-and-down...

Boyish bodies should look to add detailing like prints or pleats to give some shape to your straight figure. Tulip-shaped shorts will enhance your hips, adding instant curves. Back pocket details will add shape to your rear, and turn-up details will make skinny legs look curvier.

If you’re apple-shaped...

If you carry your weight around your middle, then go for a pair with a wide waistband to define your middle, and don’t be afraid to go for a shorter length, showing off your leaner legs and detracting attention from your upper half.

If you’re bottom heavy...

Whilst knee-length shorts can shorten legs, they also work best for disguising thighs if that’s your problem area. Avoid bloomer-style shorts, as the excess material will add bulk; instead, go for a slim-fitting short in a structured material, such as denim. Opt for darker colours as these will flatter your thighs, hips and bum. Team your shorts with a brightly coloured top to detract attention from your bottom half and bring some summer into your look.

If you’re petite...

Petite bodies should avoid knee-length or bermuda shorts, as these will swamp your small frame, while rolled-up styles will make your legs look even shorter. Shorter length shorts will actually make your legs look longer, so go for a 4 or 5 inch seam - long enough to give some upper-leg coverage, but short enough to lengthen the leg.

Words:Justine King

Images:Chloë Keogan


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