Panic Stations, Everyone - Four Loko Is Coming To Ireland

Brace yourselves...

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If you've ever been on the lash in the States, you'll know exactly what Four Loko is. 

The fruity American booze is known for its super high volume of alcohol (between 6% - 14% ABV), and its likeness to rocket fuel. 

And now, the tantalising substance is coming to Ireland.

Facebook page Four Loko Ireland have just recently announced that they’re planning on importing the drink to our shores in 2017.

Owner Jack Kearney told that the first shipment is due to arrive in January or February.

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The drinks brand boasts an array of flavours, but will begin by importing just two or three, and selling online and certain stores.

The drink was once banned in several states due to excessive caffeine, taurine and guarana as ingredients. It has since been relaunched in 2010, and now ceases marketing itself as an energy drink.

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