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20th Dec 2016

The People of Dublin – Week 2


Daddy Cool


“It’s an expensive habit, and they’re even more expensive over here. This one cost me 25 bucks. That’s a lot of money. Especially if you’re burning it”

Ladies Night


“We’re out for the night”

“Should you be going out on a work night?”

“We’ve no work tomorrow”

“How come?”

“We’re Primary School Teachers”

“Is that a reason?”

“It’s something to do with the elections, I think. We’re not complaining!”

Standing out

“I like standing out. It’s either that or look like everyone else. I’d rather do something different”

“What’s an example of how you stand out”

“I’ve had a mohawk since I was 15”

“How did people react when you first cut it?”

“It definitely got a lot of attention”

“Good or bad attention?”

“Well, I’m going to meet my girlfriend in a minute, so I guess it was good”