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20th Dec 2016

The People of Dublin – Week 4


Our photographer Caolan has been hitting the streets of Dublin again to capture it’s people and their thoughts on their fair city.

Rip Off Republic


“I remember when you could get a pint in Temple Bar and not have to take out a second mortgage to pay for it”

Diverse Dublin


“How long have you been in Dublin”

“35 years”

“What’s the biggest difference between Dublin today and Dublin 35 years ago?”

“It’s more diverse, more cosmopolitan”

“Is that a good thing, do you think?”

“Oh, absolutely. Dublin being more multicultural is great for the city, it adds something different. Different is good. The world would be an awful boring place if we were all the same.”

Mary Poppins


“As long as my kids and my grandkids are safe and well, I couldn’t give a Mary Poppins”