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Pizza Hut Unveils A Stoner’s Delight – Pizza With Crust Made Entirely Of Cheese And Doritos

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When it comes to pizza many of us get all high and mighty about the best ones in town. Wood fired tend to be best and the toppings are a constant source of debate. Whatever you think about Pizza Hut you can’t argue with their success across the globe and the sheer volume of pizzas they make. You’d have to say that their success is mostly down to marketing and their latest stunt is one that certainly catches the eye. As you can see below it is a pizza that will feature a crust with ‘molten mozzarella,’ covered with cheddar cheese and topped with Doritos. If you ask us this is absolutely fucking disgusting and about as far away form the classic Italian pizza as you could ever get. Then again we probably aren’t the target market as this is more than likely aimed at people after drinking 10 cans or a smoking a couple of joints while sitting on their couch. More on their Facebook page

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