POLL: Have We Gotten Over The Whole 'Irish Water' Thing?

It's all gone quiet on the water front lately – but are we really past it, or did we just get distracted by the referendum?


Sorry to be stoking the fire a bit here, but we noticed something weird today: nobody's said a bloody word about Irish Water for weeks.

After several months where you couldn't put those two words in the same sentence without someone nearby breaking out into a feverish rage – and where images of protesters clashing with gardaí became about as standard in news bulletins as the weather updates – the sudden pause in hostilities seems somewhat odd.

Now, as we seek out conversation topics that aren't the referendum, we want to know: have the Irish people come to terms with what was once described as the great injustice of our time – or have we just been distracted by other matters, such as last week's referendum?

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