POLL: Would You Go On A First Date On Valentine's Weekend?

It's risky, but it might just pay off...


It's the question that PLAGUES single people at this time of year.

Well, no it doesn't really. And most single people we've heard from don't seem to care much for Valentine's Day one way or another.

But still, it's an interesting question: is it ever a good idea to go on a first date during Valentine's weekend?

On the one hand, you've got the romantic atmosphere, the hustle and bustle of busy restaurants, and the chance to come bearing flowers and gifts without standing out like a sore thumb; on the other, you've got the pressure, the packed restaurants, and the hum of arguments from tired, bitter couples who are forcing themselves to go out on this one particular night.


So what's it gonna be?

Written By

Aidan Coughlan