Shocking Research Reveals Irish Children Are Unable To Identify Common Vegetables


New research revealed today reported some shocking facts about how little Irish children know about the foods they eat every day. Most children couldn't identify common vegetables...


The research was carried out by Uncle Bens as part of their initiative to get more children involved in cooking. Their research found that a startling number of Irish children are unable to identify vegetables commonly found in most kitchens, despite the fact that Ireland prides itself on quality food exports and agriculture.

  • 30% could not identify a red pepper and 85% cannot correctly name a leek
  • Nine out of ten children can identify broccoli but only 58% can correctly identify courgettes
  • Only a third of children surveyed knew what chips are made from
  • Only one in three could identify what animal ham was made from

The research also showed that 79% of children would like to get involved in cooking, which would help teach children about food and nutrition, but parents blamed time pressure as being the main reason why they don’t involve their children when making family meals. It begs the question should the onus be on parents to teach their children about food and nutrition? Or with alarming rates of childhood obesity (1 in 4 Irish children are obese or overweight), should lessons on nutrition be added to the national school curriculum?

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Emma Kenneally

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