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20th Dec 2016

Roddy Doyle Absolutely Nails It Again With This Perfect Tribute To Brian Friel


Irish literature lost one of its all-time greats today with the death of Brian Friel – a description not to be taken lightly in a country that’s boasted Joyce, Yeats, Heaney and so many more, but one that holds true all the same.

Anyone who’s been to see a Friel play will tell you just how brilliant, accessible and impactful his work was.

And, as the wonderful Roddy Doyle describes in his tribute post below, they’ll tell you how he transcended theatre to absolutely rock the world of anyone with whom his words came into contact.

-D’you ever go to plays?-In a theatre, like?-Yeah.-No.-Meself an’ the missis went to one – a while back. She was on…

Posted by Roddy Doyle on Friday, October 2, 2015