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27th Feb 2018

Show Us Your Bits James Kavanagh


We’re a nosy bunch at heart. There are so many cool, creative and exciting people in the city that we want to get to know better, so we decided we may as well be direct and just ask them to show us their bits. You can learn a lot about a person from the essentials that they choose to carry around with them, and Thinkhouse PR guru James Kavanagh obliged us on our first Show Us Your Bits post!

IMG 6592

I’m a bit of a basic bitch when it comes to ‘essentials’ and choosing a bag. I generally just grab the nearest tote bag and shove in a few necessities. As I’m glued to the internet from dawn till dusk (v sad), I always carry an iPhone charger. There’s usually a Tupperware box and a rogue piece of tinfoil floating around my tote as I tend to bring lunch to work.’

MG 6572

I know what people will think: “he carries a cookbook around? What a knob.” But it’s actually as a result of me being really disorganised. I keep vowing to do online grocery shopping, but always forget to do it. So, I end up grabbing a cookbook on the way to work, picking out a recipe I wanna make before I leave, and go to Fallon & Byrne straight after work to buy ingredients. I’m currently cooking from Hemsley & Hemsley and the Kinfolk Table – obsessed.”

MG 6591

“My headphones are by Sol Republic. They are unreal & SO comfortable. I hate those sticky-in ones that feel like they are sodomising your ears; I much prefer a headband set. I take them everywhere. I’m mad into podcasts these days. If I’m on a bus or train, I usually listen to a BBC documentary or catch up on Marian Finucane segments. I could listen to her for days. I’m such a granny.”

MG 6575

Because it does be freeeeeezin’ these days, and I HATE when my ears are cold. I’ll wear the shortest shorts in winter, but nothing bothers me more than cold ears. No, not able.”

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