6 Lunches In Dublin To Try If You're On A Budget This Week

No need to break the piggy bank, my friends

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While fortune favours the brave, fortune also decides what you're going to eat for lunch.

And when pay day is off in the distance, that fortune of yours is going to be eyeing up that old bag of rice you have in the cupboard. But, it doesn't have to be that way. 

We've put together a list of some places where you can tuck into a truly delicious lunch, without having to take out a mortgage. Try one or two this week, you deserve it.

1. Luncheonette

Pretty much everything in here is under a fiver, and also bloody delicious. Which, unfortunately, can be pretty hard to find.

The trendy eatery has on its menu a hearty 'if a burrito was soup' soup, which is properly wholesome, and will keep you super full until dinner time.

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2. The Noodle House

In here, they provide a huge range of noodle dishes, with fish, meat and vegetarian options, for €5.50 each. 

The portion sizes are massive, so you'll leave feeling satisfied and also like you've gotten serious bang for your buck. 

It's a no-brainer, really.

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3. KC Peaches

KC Peaches' small salad boxes are versatile, easy to eat on-the-go, and good for you. Their salads differ every few weeks or so, giving you the opportunity to try something new each time.

You also have the ability to stuff it to the brim, which is pretty much a whole standard plate full. Not bad for €4.95.

And, if salad's not your thing, take away their ham and cheesy sandwich for a tasty €4.50.

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4. Umi 

Umi Falafel, located on Dame Street, is finally getting some recognition for producing some of the tastiest, most authentic and best value food in the city centre.

Their hummus sandwich comes on Lebanese bread, with hummus and your choice of four toppings (tomato, fresh cucumber, cucumber pickles, aubergine, red onion, pickled turnips or lettuce). 

All this for a fiver? Yes please.

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5. Credo

Credo may be famed for their pizza and pasta, but they also have a stellar sandwich menu, all made with the freshest of ingredients. 

Their goat's cheese sandwich has in it goat's cheese (duh), onion chilli jam, roasted red peppers, rocket and balsamic reduction, and retails at an impressive €4.95.

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6. The Fumbally

For those of you who spend their days meandering around Dublin 8, The Fumbally should be your first stop off point for a good, reasonably priced lunch.

In here, you can get yourself scrambled eggs (which are served all day), avocado on toast, falafel wrap or soup for just €5. Sound good?

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