You Won't Believe What Flavour This Japanese Restaurant's Curry Is

If you're squeamish, be warned


A Japanese restaurant has started serving curry that tastes like poo and we're finding it all very upsetting.

Created by the chef Ken Shimizu for Curry Shop Shimizu, the owner of the Tokyo restaurant wanted to create a dish that would remind him of the – oh dear God – flavours he experienced during his days making adult movies.

That's right, this chef was a porn star of the least savoury variety before setting up this curry shop.


​We shit you not

If you're freaking out over the ingredients, don't: it's made simply from Japanese green tea and the gourd fruit, while the dish's colour is created by adding cocoa powder.


To complete the experience it's served on a bed pan

If you think this place would be shut down shortly after announcing this absolutely heinous dish, you'd be dead wrong; 90% of local people surveyed were willing to try it for themselves.



Let's hope Dublin never sees its like.


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Seán Kenehan

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