So Renting A Chicken Is Now A Thing You Can Do

What a time to be alive


With people becoming ever more concerned about sourcing their food close to home, this new company called Rent The Chicken has just taken things to the next level.

The poultry rental business, which is based in Pennsylvania, is providing its customers with an alternative to buying their eggs in the supermarket (like the rest of us suckers).

Rent The Chicken will deliver their customers two egg-laying hens, a coop, dishes for food and water, and 100 pounds of feed to last the entirety of the four-month rental period, all for $400.

Jenn Tompkins, co-founder of Rent The Chicken, told CNBC of the beauty of their rental system:

Some of our customers are looking to raise chickens, but they've never done it before and they've never been around a chicken. If you don't like it, and it's not for you, you can just call us and we'll take them back.


While you'd think this would be a money saving idea, in this case it really isn't: each egg would work out costing $1.79.

Of course, the people of Pennsylvania have other motivating factors for using this rent-a-chicken service, namely a lingering concern over bird flu.

Yet as peculiar as this may sound, a rental scheme like this could actually make sense. With Dublin experiencing growth in its urban farm scene at the moment, could we make this work for our fair city?

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