The 11 Best Irish Tweets Of The Week

''is Longford a real place? I have my doubts''

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Looking for a quick laugh? Look no further than Ireland's funniest and weirdest tweets. 

Our favourites of this week are listed below, covering all topics from the Irish language to garlic dip. Get ready to spit out your tea laughing, that's all we're saying.

1. This handy guide to Gaeilge

2. Don't bite the hand that feeds you 

3. This adorable child spreading good tidings to Pat Hickey

4. This genuine concern for Ó'Sé's health

5. Illuminati

6. Dream big

7. Thanks be to God

8. Hungover thoughts

9. Life imitates art

10. A dog's life

(We wish)

11. And finally, this handy guide to flirting

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Kate Demolder

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