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20th Dec 2016

The 11 Most Irish Things To Happen This Week


This week’s edition of ‘How Irish Ireland has been this week’ is particularly celebrity filled, boasting A-listers from home and abroad, and some even from… well, fabric.

You won’t get it until you read below, so you best get on with it then. 

They’re good, we promise.

1. This ‘expectation vs reality’ moment 

Faraway hills are greener. 

2. This shot of Mark Hamill going 90 while eating Tayto

May the Force be with him, like.

3. Gourmet Burger Kitchen’s newest milkshake

Yes, they are Mikado biscuits. And yes, someone you know would love some.

Img 6726

4. This duo awaiting Prince Charles with ‘Brits Out’ signs 

During his visit, in an attempt to solidify the good relations between Northern Ireland and England. 

Irish Charles

Photo cred:

5. This ill-fated BBQ

Full story here.

M W5 Baysg

6. The Biebs’ Instagram shot of the Rock of Cashel

What do you mean?

7. This informative sign

Spotted in Newbridge, not Monaghan.

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8. The Rubberbandits, with a Gabriel Byrne puppet, on stage at the marriage referendum’s one year anniversary this week

Which they proceeded to ride on stage. 

And no, we’re not making this up.

Img 5410
Img 5408

9. This guy sunbathing on Dublin’s busiest street

Can you blame him?

10. This heavy and perilous traffic jam

Spotted on Achill Island, County Mayo.

13255918 607145709442702 7830129512096333154 N

11. And finally, Chewbacca visiting this primary school in Kerry

In Scoil Baile an Fheirtearaigh, in Dingle. To be exact. And yes, that did mean there had to be a Gaeilge translator present.

Oh, and one last thing… the children referred to him as a ‘madra mór’, but also ‘an-cairdiúil’.

000C488F 572

Photo cred:

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