The 11 Topical Costumes That Will Forever Sum Up Halloween 2015

Because you will never again get the chance to dress up as a Snapchat filter

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Why wait until December for the review of the year?

Every autumn, Halloween costumes perfectly document what's been hot on social media and pop culture over the last 12 months – and this year is certainly no different.

Here are 11 of the best (or worst) costumes you're likely to come across this year – and never again.

1. #TheDress

You read right, 2015's most ludicrous internet sensation can now be yours to wear this Halloween! 'FINALLY!', I hear you cry.

Expect cheap variations of two shit dresses stitched together, and award points for two different shoes as accessories.


2. Bad Blood / T Swift & her lady companions

Particularly effective if you're a group of hot girls with a penchant for lingerie and like a good scrap.

Expect many different variations on what this crew will call themselves collectively, but will most likely be 'Swizzle Our Nizzle', 'Grand Blood' or 'Taylor Gang'.


3. The new Snapchat Filters

Why puke rainbows for only 10 seconds when you could do it all night?

You will need: To dig out your old Crayola facepaints, a steady hand, and to avoid all drunkards trying to take selfies with you all night.


4. Donald Trump

The gift that keeps on giving. And now that he's been recently photoshopped rocking a man bun, the possibilities are literally endless.

donald-trump-halloween-costume-today-150921-tease 545aafce4380cf8d5c70b565dd1ed0aa

5. One Direction minus Zayn

Ideal for the quartet of boys in your life who always thought that something was missing. Expect anything from fuschia chinos to pre-pubescent voice breaking.

See also: One Direction in Belfast (i.e. don't show up to the Halloween party).


7. The cast of Inside Out

A group costume for kids, adults and everyone in between. Only effective if they stay in assigned mood all night.

This fivesome will leave facepaint wherever they touch, and may make you feel a certain way.


8. Emojis

With recent emoji updates this year portraying every skin colour, everyone is finally welcome to bask in the reflected glory of technology this Halloween.

No emojis are safe from the fashion conscious whizz kids of 2015, but the simplest to emulate would definitely be the Two Dancing Girls or the Señorita.

emoji 9-dancing-girls

9. Paulie

Expect men on stilts wearing battered jerseys carrying either a protein shake, a rugby ball or crutches.

Disclaimer: No-one who dresses as Paulie will look anything like Paulie, or even come close.


10. Cecil The Lion

Basically the 2015 version of girls being able to dress up as a Sexy Feline without feeling outdated.


11. Walter Palmer

The dentist who shot aforementioned lion and an all-round dick. Bonus points if you go as 'Cecil's revenge' where he's being eaten by the lion's mate.


12. And finally, Caitlyn Jenner

Hot topic to be the most popular topical costume of 2015 – but this attire can go one of two ways.

If considering it, please consider the communities involved and be kind with your portrayal. In other words, mind your words because it's what you say while wearing this that separates you from being a tribute to just being a tool.

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