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20th Dec 2016

The 13 Funniest Irish Tweets Of The Past Week


You guys know the deal by now. 

You tweet it, we love it and then we broadcast it for the world to enjoy. 

Here’s the absolute best of what we say on twitter dot com over the past week. Love it.

1. Paying it forward with @dw00dz

2. Pandemonium at the zoo with @dearbla

3. Calling the shots with @McMahonPhilly

4. Work talk with @lindseynagelfan

5. Perspective with @Ciara_Knight

6. Summer body with @GerryMcBride

7. Swings and roundabouts with @daithihartery

8. Dublinese with @STEdotie

9. Real talk with @incogellen 

10. Modern romance with @GrrlGhost

11. Gardening with @griffski

12. Nostalgia with @EmerTheScreamer

13. Lost in translation with @aoiph

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