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20th Dec 2016

The 14 Funniest Irish Tweets Of The Week


Each and every week, we scour the internet for some of the best and funniest tweets Irish people have to offer. They are plentiful, they are gas and they are generally all you need to completely turn your day around, for the better.

In short, we think you guys should be knighted for your efforts. 

Tweet on, dear friends. Tweet on.

1. The animal kingdom with @helayner_

2. International relations with @DirkVanBryn

3. Making it rain with @infinityonhi

4. Hope you’re okay hun with @DarraghMc

5. Real talk with @oconnola

6. 21st century names with @aoiph

7. Adult life with @andgoseek

8. Multi-denominational with @valerieloftus

9. Self-praise is the best praise with @himynameisaine

10. Underage winning with @karlnando

11. Irish politics with @Ciara_Knight

12. Life imitates art with @roisinkilberd

13. Perspective with @ivancorless

14. Old unrealiables with @unknownnouns

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