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20th Dec 2016

The 14 Grimmest Habits Housemates Can Have In Order Of How Grim They Are


Rotten housemates, we’ve all had them.

They seem to perspire mould as well as exhale filth, while oddly make us feel a little bit better about ourselves. But, they’re still fucking offensive.

Think your flatmate has been bad? See how many of these offences they’ve violated. The big mingers.

14. Throwing their tea-bag in the sink

This should often be forgiven as, horrendously, this is how some people are raised.

But in the real world, this is definitely not okay. 


13. Leaving their towels on the bathroom floor

Only to become soaking cesspools of foot dirt.

For shame.

200 1

12. Leaving their dirty plates at the sink

The sink is RIGHT THERE. USE IT.

200 2

11. Leaving their speckles of flying-toothpaste-saliva on the mirror as some sort of accessory

Let’s stick to more conventional home decor, shall we?

200 3

10. Allowing an unwavering stench of bin juice to fill the flat

While you remain unfazed, poised even, in this state of aromatic chaos.

200 4

9. Forgetting they bought scallops on special offer and leaving them in the fridge to take on another life form

Nothing will wake you up in the morning like pungent fish juice.

200 5

8. Not washing the remnants of their Happy Pear Vegetarian Curry out of the pot

200 6

7. Letting a plaster remove itself from their body and fall wherever it may

200 8

6. Thinking that leaving food on a plate and tucking it under the bed is an acceptable way to live

EXCLUSIVE: It is not.

Shutterstock 295138688

5. Not cleaning the manky sponge after themselves

200 10

4. Dying hair/using tan/putting on ridiculous make up…

…and turning the bathroom into a Maser piece.

200 11

3. Letting their hair clog up the shower

The most gruesome task known to man.

200 12

2. Leaving condoms anywhere

They weren’t made legal so they could be flung around like glitter.

200 14

1. And most of all: pubic hair on the toilet seat

Name and shame those who have thrust this unto you.

For they should pay.

200 15

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