The 7 Best Netflix Shows for Binge Watching Your Way Through The January Blues


Some people find the harsh cold reality of January too hard to bear. It's a long month, we're all broke, and many of us are trying to be good in terms of food and exercise. Most evenings will probably be spent on the couch, so why not pick a Netflix show to binge watch as you hibernate your way through the month? We've picked some of the best shows that Netflix has to offer so you don't need to risk committing to a dud show. Some of the chosen shows are only available on American Netflix, but there's a handy little app for that...


Scandal is a political, thriller-style show, made by Shonda Rhimes (the lady behind Grey's Anatomy). It's sexy, it's full of gossip, and it's insanely addictive. Each episode flies by in a blur of misinterpretations, false allegations, deceit and adultery. The danger with Scandal though, is that you could be tempted to pull a sickie to stay at home and watch all 4 seasons back to back!


Breaking Bad

Practically a classic at this stage, Breaking Bad is one of those shows that anyone who has watched it becomes instantly OBSESSED with it. If you've never seen an episode, now is the time, you'll be hooked before you know it. Just make sure you watch it with someone else, as it can be very stressful at times!


House of Cards

This show was one of the first to be released only on Netflix, and its popularity knows no bounds. Kevin Spacey is incredible as Frank Underwood a Congressional Democrat, with a ruthless desire for power in this Emmy winning show. Very clever stuff.


Marco Polo

Everybody's raving about this new series which is exclusive to Netflix, with some people tipping it as quite similar to Game of Thrones. The show is about the early years of the historical figure Marco Polo's life, which he spent in the court of Kublai Khan in what is now Beijing.


Parks and Recreation

Probably the funniest out of the bunch, this show is about an ambitious employee in a rural Parks & Recreation department where bureaucracy keeps dragging her down. Amy Poehler is flawless in this show in which she stars as the lead, she's also the main writer behind the series. It's extremely witty, sarcastic and very on point about gender roles in rural America. You can also expect lots of cameos from great actors.


Orange Is The New Black

This show was a massive hit when released in 2013, and has been steadily growing in popularity ever since. From the creator of Weeds, this show details an upstanding female citizen being imprisoned for a crime she committed years before. The show details a whole host of crazy characters from inside the women's prison, and her day to day life within.


Sons of Anarchy

This is an absolute must watch show about a gang of biker gun runners based in California. The lead character, Jax Teller, struggles with his loyalty to the club whilst questioning the morals of what they do. The club's relationships with fellow biker charters, feuds with other gangs and dodging of the authorities will have you on the edge of your seat. It only gets more addictive with every series!


So what's it gonna be - will you go for the political thriller or the humorous sitcom? Will you choose crystal meth or begging for coffee in the prison canteen? Either way, make sure you grab your duvet and a cup of tea to accompany it in order to help ease your way through January.

Written By

Fíodhna Horan Murphy

Fíodhna is deputy editor of Lovin Dublin and the Lovin Group. She's mad into music, gigs, cans by the canal and anything leopard print.