The Decompression Chamber – 5 Great Meet-Ups For Relaxing In Dublin

Helping you chillax to the point where the word 'chillax' ceases to stress you out


We know that life in Dublin can be overwhelming at times, so we're helping you keep your stress in check.

This week we're looking at group events organised by the website Meet-Up, specifically ones designed to help you relax, so you can avoid the high blood pressure, weight gain and sleep difficulties that can arise from stress.

Here are five great meet-ups for relaxing in Dublin:

1. Coastal Walks Along The DART Line

This is one for people who love long strolls. This meet-up sees participants walk along the coast by the DART line from Greystones to Howth, while sometimes it goes to Glendalough or Powerscourt in Wicklow. This friendly group is for anyone who likes a walk by the sea, fresh air, good company, and an interesting choice of long walks.

Walking 20 minutes a day not only heightens one's sense of well-being, it also improves memory and boosts brain function, so this meet-up is definitely one to consider. For more info on the group, click here.


2. Sonas Meditation

There are many Dublin based meditation groups you can join on Meet-up, but this one in particular caught our attention. Catering to all levels of meditation, these meet-ups are held in a beautiful wooden garden room located in the exquisite and serene gardens of Sonas. To find out more, click here.


So much room for activities

3. Dublin Laughter Yoga

Now here's a novel one for you. Laughter yoga is a practice involving prolonged voluntary laughter. It's based on the notion that forced laughter provides the same physiological and psychological benefits as spontaneous laughter. When done in groups with plenty of eye contact and playfulness, like at this meet-up, voluntary laughter soon turns into genuine contagious laughter.

If you haven't come across this before, it's well worth checking out. Find it here.


4. Deep Sleep Yoga

The name alone is making us yawn. An incredibly relaxing workshop, Deep Sleep Yoga is a five step program specially designed for those who have troubles sleeping or insomnia. The meet-up's organisers aim to help sooth the frayed nerves of participants and show them how to calm their busy minds.

If you could use some of this goodness in your life, click here to find out more.


I feel sleepy already

5. Irish Cuddle Salon

Now here's one that might make some of you freak out, but bear with us. These meet-ups work pretty much like the name suggests: a group of people meet up, and they cuddle each other. That's it.

Now before you go thinking it's all creepy, it's not at all: the organisers go to great lengths to assure participants that this is a completely non-sexual thing, it's simply about nurturing physical contact.

Like all mammals, humans have a biological and psychological need for platonic physical affection. It is crucial for our mental and social development and emotional wellbeing.

This kind of physical contact releases the hormone oxytocin into our systems, which helps to lower blood pressure, relieve pain, calm your nervous system, reduce stress and anxiety, lower your risk of heart disease, boost your immune system, enhance your ability to connect with others, and increase your capacity to empathise.

So what we all really need, as it turns out, is more hugs. Click here to find the meet-up.


Now doesn't this look relaxing?

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