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27th Dec 2016

The Definitive Ranking Of Crisps To Put In A Sandwich, In Order From Worst To Best


We decided to take it upon ourselves to rank, from absolutely shocking to wholly life-changing, the sandwich worthy crisps of the world.

We are fully aware that this debate could divide families, friendships and lovers, but we believe it’s all worth it in the name of crisps.

19. Chipsticks

Good one. Don’t be rank.


18. Chickatees

Bang for your buck, there’s no disputing that. But, unless you want a mouth full of what appears to be chicken-flavoured cement, I sincerely recommend you stay away.

The Weetabix of the crisp world.


17. Hot Lips / Banshee Bones / Burger Bites

A niche sandwich filler, but a sandwich filler nonetheless.

The go-to treat for some people’s midnight snacks, but the general consensus is that this combination should never see the light of day. And we’re inclined to agree with them.

Not to mention that the Banshee Bones bag art is petrifying, and you just don’t need that.

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16. Monster Munch

A step up from its corn snack competitors, Monster Munch also boasts value for money, as well as two quite intense flavours which slot into the Irish palate quite nicely: Roast Beef and Pickled Onion.

The only problem is that they’re pretty bloody bulky for a sandwich filler, imagine sticking them in next to your slices of crumbed ham?


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15. Snax

Light and crispy potato puffs of pure heaven, and somehow less than 100 calories per bag.

Yet these potato curls lack a certain sandwich-able ability in that, when chewed, they have the texture of wet soil.


14. Waffles

A true hangover dream for when all you need are foods in the colours yellow and beige. Don’t knock it ’til you try it.

They fall-down is that their bacon flavour is questionable, and you can’t deny the raging aftertaste you will experience for several days following.

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13. Lays

Some superb flavours up for grabs with these guys, but you wouldn’t be far off getting notions with titles like these.


12. Kettle Chips

Also bursting with flavour, with the added bonus of good, big size bags – but bloody impossible to find in times of need (hangovers). Which leads to tears every time, they’re just not worth the struggle.


11. Doritos

An all-round fantastic crisp, in shape and stature, but we can’t shake the feeling that they truly need some dip to reach their full potential, and dip on a sandwich would just be weird.

Chilli Heatwave has a whole load of potential however.

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10. Walkers

Walkers is a brand who get top dogs to partake in their advertising campaigns and listen to their customers via online polls about which crisps should be their next big thing.

Yet despite all that, they tend to be more half-empty than half-full when it comes to their teeny tiny packets – and their standard crisp flavours tend to lack a bit of flavour in comparison to their rivals.

Deep-ridged are game changers however. Overall: 7/10.


9. Pringles

A touch too thin for the crunch necessary in a crisp sambo, and they also make us feel bad when we buy a whole pack and eat it all.

And that’s definitely their fault, not ours.

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8. O’Donnell’s

O’Donnell’s is a family orientated company based in Clonmel, who over the years have perfected the art of the crisp. Their Irish Cider Vinegar and Sea Salt flavour is one of the best of its kind, but the Cheese and Onion (the benchmark when it comes to crisp sandwiches) lacks a certain x-factor that others boast.

Also completely gluten-free, so our coeliac mates can get their crisp fix in too.


7. DP Connolly & Sons

Only two flavours, but when you do both flavours well, that’s all you need.


6. McCoy’s

Steak flavoured crisp sandwich dreams, that’s all we can say.

mccoys 1

5. Hunky Dory’s

This crisp brand, known for saucy ads as well as its crinkly crisps, is definitely worth its weight in potato flavoured gold.

Intense flavouring has brought Hunky Dory’s into our top five here, with their Buffalo flavour being the notable big dog of the bunch – and the famed Sour Cream and Onion coming in at a close second.

A great bite, but not for the faint-hearted (or anyone who doesn’t have chewing gum handy/has a date later).

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4. Sensations

For when you’re feeling a bit posh, but also like you want your body to be swiftly drop-kicked into carb heaven.

Good size and quantity, incredible flavours (especially Thai Sweet Chilli) and top-notch crunch. May overpower a sandwich if used in excess, how and ever.

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3. Keogh’s

Gluten-free and with a whopper range, Keogh’s certainly packs a punch like no other. Also, with a special Roast Turkey and Secret Stuffing recipe coming out this Winter, you can have Christmas dinner everyday.


Not to mention their many other flavours – rumour has it that their Beef and Guinness crisps are the closest thing you’ll ever experience to Tir na nÓg itself.


2. King

We told you this debate could divide families… and you just know what’s slotted in ahead of it into the top spot, don’t you?

Known as the crisp-lover’s crisp, King crisps are stupendous, boasting a unique taste that they somewhat annoyingly chalk down to a “secret ingredient”. Their availability is uniquitous, and their popularity is ever growing with no chance of stopping.

A top contender with no real flaws. Other than the fact that it’s not…

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1. Tayto

It couldn’t have been anyone else, could it?

You can disagree all you like… but you can’t say you’re surprised, can you?

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