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20th Dec 2016

The Food We Want But Can’t Have – Treasures From Overseas


There’s nothing like travelling to another country and discovering all the food delights it has to offer, the downside is having to return home and experience the withdrawal symptoms… The shakes, the paranoia, the sadness. I remember as a child travelling to Boston and discovering biscuit M&M’s before they came to Ireland and being positively addicted. Also on a trip to Australia two years ago I was amazed at the amount of Cadbury creations they have there that we don’t… Think cadbury bars of rocky road, roasted almond, top deck and the ‘marvellous creations’ range which eventually came to Ireland this year. Well I thought I was miffed, but nothing beats the reaction of New Zealander Jimi Jackson upon realising exactly what he has been missing out on when his sister returns from a trip abroad with new and exciting chocolate treats galore!

Let us know your favourite creations that you can’t get your hands on here that you’re absolutely hanging for.