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The Garda Síochána’s Traffic Twitter Page Would Make You Never Want To Get Into A Car Again

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While An Garda Síochána‘s Twitter page can sometimes be one of fun, joy and merriment – it can also be a dark place of warnings and alerts to what is really going on around you.

It has the ability to scare even the most dangerous of drivers into slowing down and copping on. One glance, and you can’t really un-see.

Check it out for yourself – and safe driving.

1. This really scary incident

2. This utter madness

3. These frightening crashes

4. This just plain stupid act

5. Wait, what?

6. Drinking. While. Driving.

7. Christ

And trust us, the list goes on

Let’s take a positive from all of this madness and use it to be safer on the roads. Especially during these icier days.

Be careful, you guys. You’re too great to get hurt.

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