The 10 Most Popular Posts on Lovin Dublin This Week

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We know the week can be busy, and with so much work to get through it can be hard to keep up with your favourite websites. We've put together a list of the most popular posts on Lovin Dublin this week so you can get the week's highlights all in the one spot. Scroll down for the top 10 most popular posts this week...

10. Brave Trinity Students Talk About How They Deal With Depression


9. New Irish Reality TV Show Clubland Gets Destroyed By Viewers


8. The 10 Most Healthy Cafes & Restaurants In Dublin


7. The 9 Best Gluten Free Products On The Market


6. The Healthy Alternatives You Probably Didn't Realise Would Satisfy Your Pizza And Chips Craving


5. American Tourists Attempt To Hold Typically Irish Conversations


4. Top Quality Chinese Restaurant Nestled Away In Ranelagh


3. 50 Reasons You Should Live In Dublin


2. The Top 10 Paleo Restaurants In Dublin


1. This Room Rental Boasts The Best View of Dublin


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