Facebook's So-Called 'Dislike' Button Arrives Tomorrow – Irish Users Will Be The First To Have It

And it's not even called 'dislike'


For years now the like button has been one of the most important features on Facebook. But that could be about to change.

Starting from tomorrow Facebook is going to be rolling out what's long been touted as a 'dislike' button and the good news is that Irish users will be the very first in the world to be able to test it.

The new features is actually called 'Reactions' and it will allow users to interact in a whole bunch of ways with status updates and content using emojis.

It tackles one of the biggest problems with conveying emotion on Facebook in that a like doesn't always work – from sick dogs to floods, from crime to illness, people want to engage with the content, but a straight like doesn't seem to feel right.


The company is also trying to steer away from downvoting with an outright dislike button which they fear could lead to online bullying.

This rolls out across all Facebook's platforms tomorrow morning, and we will be the test bed for the entire world. Let's take this baby for a spin!