The Fatty Pizzas That Aren't Giving You Any Amore...


The last few weeks I've been doing a series of posts on the sugar in things like fizzy drinks and cereal, and showing people exactly how much sugar is in each product. This week I decided to do frozen pizza but the most obvious health worry is the high fat content they can contain, so this week I decided to visualise it for everyone by weighing out the fat content using frytex... Possibly the most disgusting job I've had to do yet in Lovin Dublin.

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I've nothing against fat, in fact I bloody love the stuff. But I try and consume my fats from avocados, nuts, seeds and other nutritious foods... Not frozen pizza. Don't get me wrong, I am not immune to the seductive lure of a slice of cheesy pizza but the amount of fat in some processed frozen pizzas is alarming. All the processed meats and cheeses piled high on a dense, doughy base add up. And while the amount of fat weighed out in the ramekin below may seem like an obscene amount to eat in one sitting, you may already have eaten as much in one go before if you have chowed down one of the pizzas below.


To break it down the GDA of fats and calories are 2500 calories and 95g fat for men, 2000 calories and 70g fat for women and 1800 calories and 70g fat for children (aged 5 to 10).

  • The Chicago Town Stuffed Crust Pepperoni pizza was by far and away the worst culprit with and obscene 1796 calories and 76g fat. That would be nearly the full calorie intake recommended for a woman and more than the recommended fat intake. Even eating only half of the pizza is a really high intake of calories and fat if you consider the calories most people will already have consumed for breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the day before they heat up a pizza for dinner.
  • Goodfella's Deep Baked Meat Fiesta is another whopper with 1248 calories and 52g fat per pizza. A minute on the lips...
  • Don't let the name fool you, while 'Dr.Oetker' might make you think 'Oooh... Healthy' it is not. While the calorie count is less outrageous than the Chicago town monstrosity with 874 calories, it contains 44.6g fat.
  • Goodfella's Stonebaked Thin Margherita and Goodfellas Deep Baked Pan Cajun Chicken have similar calorie and fat intake with just over 1000 calories per pizza and give or take 40g of fat.
  • The best option was by far the Milano Classic Margherita Pizza which had 580 calories and 16.6g fat which I think is more likely to easily fit into a meal plan for the day.
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Chicago Town Stuffed Crust - Pepperoni Plus Pizza: 1796 calories and 76g fat

(Per 100g - 300 calories and 13g fat)

Goodfella’s Deep Baked Pan - Meat Fiesta Pizza: 1248 calories and 52g fat

(Per 100g - 300 calories and 13g fat)

Dr.Oetker Ristorante - Pizza Mozzarella: 874 calories and 44.6g fat

(Per 100g- 261 calories and 13.3g fat)

Goodfella’s Stonebaked Thin - Margherita Pizza: 1024 calories and 44g fat

(Per 100g - 298 calories and 13g fat)

Milano - Classic Margherita Pizza: 580 calories and 16.6g fat

(Per 100g - 215 calories and 6.2g fat)

Goodfella’s Deep Baked Pan - Cajun Chicken Fest: 1056 calories and 36g fat

(Per 100g - 255 calories and 8g fat)

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Obviously the sizes of the pizzas above vary hugely which is why I broke down the nutritional information per 100g also to give everyone a clear picture of the nutritional information of each. An occasional treat is no problem but if you eat frozen pizzas a lot and are worried about the high calorie count and fat content, then you could always slice the pizza in two and bake half of it and have a salad with it so you're reducing the calories and fat and still getting your veggies in.

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